Music by Miliy Balakirev
Libretto by Andris Liepa based on Mikhail Lermontov's long poem "Thamara"
Choreography by Jurius Smorighinas
Director: Andris Liepa
Sets and costumes by Leon Bakst restored by Anna Nezhnaya

23 Costumes by Leon Bakst for Thamar

A thrilling story of a beautiful and cunning queen who lives in a mysterious castle on the wild banks of the River Terek.

This ballet, premiered on the stage of Châtelet theatre in Paris, was created by Mikhail Fokine in 1912 especially for Diaghilev's enterprise. The libretto is based upon an ancient Georgian legend, reinterpreted by Mikhail Lermontov's long poem Tamara. The beautiful queen Tamara is imprisoned in a high-towered castle on the banks of the Terek. A young man is in love with her, but cannot get close to her in her imprisonment. One morning, Tamar's servants bring a young man caught near the castle to her room. The young man is charmed by her, and Tamar is clearly attracted to the stranger. They spend an unforgettable night of passion and love together. But the castle is full of unexpected and unpleasant surprises: all guests who happen to enter it are found in the Terek's waves the morning after... Tamar is simply an unforgettable experience – thanks to Irma Nioradze superb dancing, its charming music, its splendid local color, and its luxurious sets.