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1962 - 1997

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The world ballet star, Andris Liepa, was born in 1962 in a famous artistic family. His father, Maris Liepa, was one of the Bolshoi legendary dancers who has had an enormous effect on the history of the male dance.
Having graduated from the Moscow Academy of Choreography under a well-known teacher A. Prokofiev in 1980, Andris happens to be a laureate of multiple ballet competitions:

1981 Golden medal at the Moscow international competition (youth group)

1985 Silver medal at the Moscow international competition

1986 Grand Prix at the international competition in Mississippi (USA)

Upon graduation, Andris was invited to join the Bolshoi ballet. Over the eight years with the company he performed the leading parts in The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, Gisele, Ivan the Terrible, Golden Age, Raimonda, Swan Lake and etc.His first tour with the Bolshoi was that of Warsaw, Poznan and Lodz.
In 1988 Andris became the first Russian dancer who was officially allowed to work in a foreign company. Along with his partner, Nina Ananiashvili, Andris was invited to join the New York City Ballet as guest star. They performed Raimonda variations, Symphony C and Apollo.
A few months later, Andris performed Prince Zigfrid in Baryshnikovs production of the Swan Lake completed for ABT, MacMillans Romeo and Juliet and Balanchins Violin Concert.

In 1989, Oleg Vinogradov of the Kirov ballet has invited Andris to take part in Nizhinskys Gala held on occasion of his 100th birthday. He made his St. Petersburg debut with Le spectre de la rose and later on joined the Kirov company as a permanent guest soloist to dance Petrushka in Vinogradovs production. While at the Kirov Theatre, Andris performed the leading parts in La Bayadere, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty and etc.
At that period of time he danced in La Scala, Grand Opera, Rome and Swedish Opera. Liepa worked with Moris Bejart and many other prominent choreographers.
Along with the Kremlin ballet, Andris performed the leading parts in Vasilievs Macbeth and Cinderella and prepared a TV version of Spectre de la rose in association with British Thames TV
Liepa has always been claimed by TV and cinema producers. Among the films Andris has played the major roles in, one can mention a documentary on his first steps in the Mariinsky Theatre produced by The world of Arts video records and Mosfilms production of The short breath of love
In 1993 Andris has restored the three legendary Fokins masterpieces Petrushka, Shekherazade and The Firebird. These ballets initially created for the Russian Seasons in Paris were first shown in Russia. Sometime later he also performed the leading parts in the original TV version of all the three pieces within the framework of a project called Return of the Firebird. Production of that film has brought Andris respect and recognition of the French Cinema Academy. In 2001 the rights for DVD and VXS production of the film were purchased by Universal.

In 1994 Andris staged The tale of invisible Kitezh city by Rimsky-Korsakov at the Mariinsky Theatre. Conducted by V. Gergiev, the first show was given in Paris. In 1995 the play was also shown at the Edinburgh Festival.
In 1997 Andris established the Liepa Charity Foundation. Its presentation has taken place at the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia with a number of consequent concerts in commemoration of Maris Liepa held all over the county.

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