Ilze Liepa, daughter of the famous ballet dancer Maris Liepa, was born in Moscow on November 22, 1963.

In 1981 she graduated from the Moscow Academic School of Choreography under N.V. Zolotova, and in 1991 received a teaching diploma at the State Institute of Dramatic Art.
Liepa’s dance style goes far beyond the limits of canonical tradition whilst retaining a formal purity.
Working as the artistic director of the ‘Golden Age’ association since 1994, Ilze is also on the board of the Liepa Charity Foundation. In 1996 she was awarded the title of ‘Meritorious Artist of Russia’ with further promotion to the rank of ‘People’s Artist of Russia’ in the year 2002.

Notable parts:

“Don Quixote”: Mercedes, Bolero and Gipsy dance

“Raimonda”: Mazurka and Spanish dance

“Guelder rose”: Mother

“Anyuta”: Gipsy, choreographed by V. Vasiliev (first performance, 1986)

“Romeo and Juliet”: Lady Capuletti, choreographed by L. Lavrovsky

“Le Corsaire”: Zyulma

“Fantasy on the theme of Kazanova”: Queen of the ball

“Shekherazade”: Zobeida (1993), choreographed by M. Fokin, revival by A. Liepa and I. Fokin at Mariinsky and Bolshoi Theatre (first performance)

“The Snow White”: Mother-queen (1996), choreographed by G. Maiorov (first performance)

“The Lady of Spades”: Countess (2001) (World premier, Choreographed by Roland Petit)

Ilse has taken parts in various concert productions, performing both modern and classical turns. Notable amongst these are turns in: Le Spectre de la Rose, ‘The Dying Swan’ and miniatures choreographed by K. Goleisovsky, L. Yakobson, D. Bryantsev, G. Aleksidze and T. Serdyukova. Ilse has also played leading roles in films including The Shining World (1984), Bambi’s Childhood (1985) and Mikhail Lomonosov (1984-1986).